Bass Clinic & VIP Hang - "Groove with your solo and solo with groove"

This year, for the 12th Annual Rocky Mountain Bass Slam, we will have a special Genzler VIP Hang and Bass Clinic with Cody Wright, Todd Smallie & Andy Irvine.  This clinic will offer tangible skill-building on various approaches to the design and execution of a great bass solo without sacrificing the important groove and pocket.   Cody Wright, Todd Smallie, & Andy Irvine will offer their unique approaches to constructing a great grooving solo and allow you to practice the techniques.  BRING YOUR BASS. You will learn both right hand and left hand techniques to building a unique but effective bass solo with groove.

This will be held on Saturday, TBD Springs 2023 at 12:00 p.m. in Denver, Colorado at Flipside Music.

Those who purchase the special commemorative Genzler VIP Pass will receive access to the following

  1. Full access pass to the Saturday VIP Hang from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Potluck food and drink)
  2. Full access pass to the Saturday Bass Clinic with Cody Wright, Todd Smallie and Andy Irvine
  3. Demo some gear from our sponsors Genzler Amplification
  4. Special VIP Reserved Seating at the Main Event at the Venue on Sunday, October 9th
  5. 2 Raffle Tickets to win the Main Prize at the Main Event
  6. 10% Discount for Same Day Purchase at Flipside Music
  7. Special 12th Anniversary Commemorative Laminated Lanyard Pass for the Rocky Mountain Bass Slam Main Event and VIP Hang- an excellent keepsake

CONTACT US if you would like more info about the VIP Clinic and Party or you can purchase passes here